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 Mission Statement

It is the objective of the Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Centre, Inc. (SIRC) also known as the Sports Centres and its staff to provide an integrated therapeutic plan of intervention with a multidisciplinary input to assist those individuals who have impairments causing vocational and / or domestic and / or recreational disabilities resulting from a motor vehicle accident, work related accident or a sport related injury, to regain and acquire their optimum
level of function as they return to their vocational and / or social and / or recreational environments. Early recovery and active rehabilitation is being provided by our experienced specialists.  

History of S.I.R.C

The company has expanded over the years to include 3 locations: one in the medical professional building at 2780 Jane Street Toronto, our head office at 7601 Martin Grove Road, Vaughan (Soccer Centre / National Training Centre) and in Centennial Stadium the training / playing facility of the Professional Toronto Lynx Soccer Club of the United Soccer League (USA).

The Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Centre Inc., is an Ontario Registered Company (1993). Our facilities provide, laboratory services, radiographic/ultrasound services, has at any one time numerous family doctors, surgeons, dentists and orthodontists and gynecologists.

In addition to these services the Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Centre Inc. offers the latest in manual medicine including; physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, athletic therapy, kinesiology, sport specific testing, nutritional counseling, psychologist, occupational therapy, active release therapeutics, Graston technique and personalized fitness training. Our facility is equipped to handle the physically challenged with elevators, ramps and electric treatment tables. Our doctors and therapists are continuously involved in current sports science and rehabilitation research.

New Research Projects:

  • Concussion Study at McMaster University which was completed in 2005 and awaits publication.

  • Injury prevalence in High Performance Soccer Players, a continuation of an earlier study published in poster form as a presentation at the American Academy of Sports Medicine annual conference in St. Louis

  • Case Study of Spinal Stenosis in a twenty year old male following spinal trauma from a motor vehicle accident causing both disc herniation and lumbar vertebral fracture leading to stenosis of the cauda equine.

  • Mental Toughness and Game preparedness (Click here for Presentation)

  • Soccer Performance Sport Psychology (Click here for Presentation)


Sports Injury Rehab

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